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Sugar, sheepskin rug, bones conducted sound
200 x 80 x 40 cm ca

Zwischenkosmos is a sound installation realised in collaboration with the composer Giulia Lorusso.

Lacuna is an interactive installation developed in collaboration with the composer Alessandro Baldessari. 

It has been realised in sugar glass, its ”making process” has been recorded and edited to recreate an immersive landscape. 

In order to hear Lacuna we need to enter in physical contact with it.The viewer needs to lie and adapt his face on the sugar mattress in order to listen it and dive into its matter and sound dimension.


Lacuna is an organic landscape, it is a black mirror where our image reflects and finds memories, it is matter to consume and experience, it is deep.

The Ideas Of Lacuna resides in Sugar trade and its change of walue through ages and Black mirror history.

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