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Jessica Rimondi is an Italian artist currently living in Berlin.She graduated in mixed media fine art at the University of Westminster of London and studied at the Accademia Albertina di Torino, Italy.

Jessica elaborates upon seemingly quotidian activities in her paintings and installations, turning small moments and ordinary objects into deeper explorations of human emotions, feelings, and memories.
Her work is thus conceived as a congruence between pop culture and ancestry, playing around the idea of functionality, perception and value through the use of different techniques.
Gesture is at the forefront of her expressive paintings, germinating from her own photos, were common Objects and random situation photographed around visited places, sounds and processes, revealing a shift from nature to human, daily and historical. Her works are sort of microcosm questioning the value of little things that lead us wondering about them gleaning from our personal experiences.


2021 Grants from AMCHA for the realisation of the Series Erbe des Ortes
2019 Selected for In Vitrᴓ, Artificial Sonification, part of Matera OpenFuture 2019 for Matera European City of Culture with the piece Zwischenkosmos, collaborative installation with the composer Giulia Lorusso.
2019 Tracce di Passaggio, Biennal of Art and Nature, Trentino, (IT) 2019 Winner of the Art Lab Munich prize, Gallerie Benjamin ECK, Munich (DE)
2017 Finalist of the Graduate Art Prize -ARTIQ and Herbert Smith Freehills, London, (UK)
Invitation for the Residency Program at Yaddo, Saratoga – New York ( USA) upcoming
2017-18 Winner of the “Highly Commended” prize for the annual Art program at Traverts Smith, London (UK)
2016 Invitation for the residency program, International Art Symposium, Donau (AU)
2015 Winner of the Fellowship for the Artist Residency Program at Sacatar Foundation, Brazil (BR)
2015 Winner of T.i.n.a International Prize
2014 Winner of the cash prize of “Premio Ora” for the paint “Vitae Volant, Viate Manent”
2014 Finalist for the international prize “Show Down, In Glorious color” by Saatchi, promoted by Winstory and Newton
2013 Shortlisted artist for “100 Painters of tomorrow” indicted by Beers Lambert (London)
2012 Finalist for “6 Arte Laguna International Prize


2020 Art Market Magazine issue 47

2018 Artist of the month for The Guide Artist Magazine, issue SEPTEMBER 2018

2014 “HI Fructose” Contemporary Art Magazine, text by the critic James Scarborough2014 Interview “Artist feature: Jessica Rimondi” for Goldhord contemporary-emergent art

2013 “Frattura Scomposta” (Contemporary art magazine)

2013 “Spot-light on Jessica Rimondi ” inteview for Artconnect Berlin2013 “Jessica Rimondi interwiew- Per voce Creativa” for Woman’s Journal, by Giovanna Lacedra2012 “Jessica Rimondi- Una Barbarica Freschezza” text of Mariella segala for the magazine “Cocun trendvision” (dicember number)


2021 Represented by Galerie Augustin for WIKAM, Vienna (AU)

2020 Contemporary at Los Angeles Art Show, represented by Simard Bilodeau
2019 In Vitrᴓ - Artificial Sonification-, Sound art Exhibition by Loxosconcept within the program of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, at Palazzo del Casale , Matera (IT)
2019 PAREIDOLIA, Daniel Benjamin and Space Station Gallery, Hoxton Square, London (UK), curated by Andrea Maffioli
2019 TRACTUS, Die Kleine Wunderkammer, Berlin (DE)
2019 Art_Lab finalist, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich (DE),curated by Katharina Mayer and Benjamin Eck
2019 Installation for the Oerkenal Ensemble and collaboration with the composer Giulia Lorusso for the piece BIOME,for Clara Iannotta Contemporary Music Residency Program, KORZO theatre, den Haag and TIVOLI Theatre, Utrecht, (NL)
2018 Travers Smith Annual Program finalist Exhibition, Travers Smith, London (UK)
2018 Group Exhibition Art_lab Munich, Galerie Benjamin Eck, Munchen
2018 Artlab Munich, group exhibition, Galerie Benjamin Eck, Munich, Germany
2017 Graduate art Prize, group exhibition, ARTIQ, London (UK)
2017 Fellows for the Residency Program at Sacatar Foundation, Itaparica, BahiaBrasil (BR)
2017 Catch it! Got it! Jessica Rimondi solo show, Space Station Gallery, London (UK)
2016-2017 Presented by Galerie Augustin for the art fairs WIKAM, Vienna (AU), Art Innsbruk 2016, Innsbruk (AU), International art Fair Zürich,Zurich (CH)
2016 International Art Symposium, Residency Program by Aterlier an der Donau, Donau (AT)
2015 Sommer, Sonne, Strand, Meer Group Exhibition , Galerie Augustin, Vienna (AT)
2015 Jessica Rimondi and Sabatino Cersosimo, Zwei Italienische Kuenstler aus Berlin by Monica Ruppert, [KUNST] Projeckt Raum, Mannheim (DE)
2015 The Daily mood of Jessica Rimondi,Solo Exhibition at Herr Beinlich Gallery, Bielefeld (DE)
2015 In-spire Resident Collection, Group exhibition, at In-spire Gallery, Dublin (IE)
2014 "Es lohnt sich, das Antliz der Welt zu verändern, ohne sein eigenes zu verlieren", Group exhibition, Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin
2014 "Wonder Women", Group exhibition, Lisa Norris Gallery, London
2014 Double-solo show "Jessica Rimondi and Zoula Fuerst", Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin (DE)
2014 Aliens ,Group Exhibition curated by Frattura Scomposta, Casa Ariosto, Ferrara (IT)
2014 In Glorious Color, group exhibition for the ten finalist of the international contest “Show down” indicted by Saatchi Art, Griffin Gallery, London (GB)
2014 La memoria del Corpo, Group exhibition with works from Vedova Bonalumi Vespignani, Spazio Arte Duina, Brescia (IT)
2013 Winter Group show, Lisa Norris Gallery, London (GB)
2013 Digital group exhibition in Miami SCOPE, by group, Miami (USA)
2013 Group Exhibition in Galerie Van Campen e Rochtus, Antwerpen (BE)
2013 Group Exhibition Macht Kunst , Alte Muenze, Berlin (DE)
2012 Double-Solo Exhibition “ Solitudo Jessica Rimondi - Elisa Anfuso” ,by Mariella Segala with critical text of Maria Zanolli, Spazio Arte Duina, Brescia (IT)
2012 International Group Exhibition “OPEN ART” of the finalist of “ Concorso Buenos Aires 4”,by Antonella Trapanese and Pietro Manara, Open Art Milano, Milan (IT)
2012 Group Exhibition “Illusioni parallele”, by Mariella Segala, Sala Dante Alighieri, Sirmione (IT)
2012 International Group exhibition of the finalist of “6 Arte Laguna International Prize ”, Arsenal of Venice ,Venice (IT)
2011 Group Exhibition “Germinale” by Mariella Segala , galleria Spazio Arte Duina , Brescia (IT)
2010 International Group Exhibition (special price 4Arte Laguna International Prize ), Italian Culture Institute of Prague, Prague (CZ)
2010 International Group Exhibition (special price 4Arte Laguna International Prize ), Italian Culture Istitute of Vienna, Palace Stenberg , Vienna (AT)

2010 International Group Exhibition “4 Arte Laguna International Prize ”, Arsenal of Venice, Venice (IT)


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