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Set Design for Korzo Theatre and Sound-Visual composition 
Realised within the Clara Iannotta Curatorial program of contemporary music at Korzo Theatre, The Hague (Netherlands) with the Oerknal ensemble.
The mise in scene was functioning as visual for the whole concert leading the spectator through the different compositions of Clara Iannotta, Giulia Lorusso, Jürg Frey and Michelle Lou.

Biome is a Sound-Visual composition realised in collaboration with the composer Giulia Lorusso

The work has been lead step by step through the visual and the compositional elements in order to realise a unique sympathetic and inscindible aesthetic. Interrelation between human, beyond-human, artificial , organic and natural recreate a new independent ecosystem with it’s own physical phenomena. The human yearning to the spiritual and its attachment to the Earth, as well as the viscerally of a breath, slowly becoming a sort of thickset jungle are all visible and audible here. Soil and Air are two important elements of the piece as well as a magic mirror first reflecting and mutating the surrounding, then leading the viewer to a the second part of the concert , becoming a porthole on a second dimension, a space „ in between“ were we experience with the sense of the sight and the hearing.

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